What Is It?

This Mobile Vasectomy Clinic is the first itinerant reproductive health clinic on wheels in the United States. This novel idea was created by SimpleVas® Vasectomy Clinic and World Vasectomy Day to promote vasectomies on the road.

This is a medicalized vehicle where vasectomies can be completed in a proper medical environment. It has been equipped with what any medical office requires for the performance of simple office medical procedures.

SimpleVas®/WVD Mobile Vasectomy Clinic is a completely autonomous medical vehicle, with generators and clean water available.

The 24 ft long x 8.5 ft wide medical mobile unit is comprised of:

  • A reception area  A reception area
  • A restroom   A restroom
  • A procedure Room  A procedure Room


World Vasectomy Day (WVD) has helped provide free vasectomies and training for surgeons around the world with very interesting and practical learning experiences. One of those experiences has been the use and application of medical vehicles for the provision of reproductive services, making it easier to reach distant communities and the promotion of services.
During the World Vasectomy Day celebration in Mexico City, in 2017, WVD surgeons performed vasectomies in mobile medical units from the Secretary of Health of Mexico at a massive event at the Monumento de la Revolución. More than 130 vasectomies were completed in one day.

The benefit of vasectomies should be openly discussed!

SimpleVas® Vasectomy Clinic and WVD replicated the model in the United States to increase the visibility of vasectomies, and the awareness of the need for more active MALE participation in reproductive decisions.