Esgar Guarín, MD FAAFP

WVC NYC – Medical Director (New York City, USA)

Dr. Guarín (pronounced goo-ah-reen) is a board certified physician trained in Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health. After his training in Family Medicine, he completed a two year fellowship training in Maternal and Child Health (Pregnancy and Newborn Care) with the Department of Family Medicine at Brown University and the School of Public Health in Rhode Island.

Dr. Guarín has been part of World Vasectomy Day’s educational efforts since 2015. He serves as member of WVD’s Medical Advisory Board, and is committed to the promotion of vasectomies as the most effective method of permanent sterilization.

In 2017, Dr. Guarín was named Family Physician of the Year Award from the American Academy of Family Physicians in Iowa. He was also nominated for the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Physician of the Year national award in 2018.

Eloísa González González, MD  

CDMX – Medical Director (Mexico City, Mexico)

Dr. González is a specialist in No-Scalpel Vasectomy and performs this procedure routinely, effectively, and efficiently in a comfortable outpatient environment. Her ultimate goal is to provide a significant reduction in waiting time and an optimized reproductive healthcare delivery for men wanting to obtain this procedure.

Her training experience includes:

Dr. González is member and consultant of World Vasectomy Day

Why do we do vasectomies?

For the Empowerment of men, women, and families

A vasectomy EMPOWERS MEN because it shows that we care and are willing to be active participants in reproductive decisions. A vasectomy EMPOWERS WOMEN because it relieves us from the heavy burden of contraception. A vasectomy EMPOWERS FAMILIES because it allows a more effective allocation of time, effort, and resources.